Work from Home does not suit India: Infosys Founder Narayanamurthy

Work from Home does not suit India: Infosys Founder

Companies are working to get their employees back to work as the general situation around the world gradually worsens with the decline of coronavirus cases. Employees accustomed to working from home are moving to the office heavily. The work-from-home system is being phased out by iconic companies to startups.

While some support the work-from-home (WFH) approach, others are struggling with the WFH. Recently, Infosys founder Narayana Murthy said that the home-based method is not suitable for India. He made it clear that he was not in favor of the WFH. He expressed concern that the organizational culture would gradually weaken if employees working from home. He said it was difficult to make improvements in hard work, creativity, skill, talent discovery, and consultation through the culture of working from home.

He noted that many countries with poor internet bandwidth, such as India, do not have a separate room to set up a home office. Kovid recalled that Indian production at the time was lower than that of Bangladesh. He appealed to corporates to return to their offices to increase productivity. He commented that it was crucial for countries like India to surpass China in per capita income. Narayanamurthy’s announcement received a mixed response from users on social media.

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