LIC Attention | Alert to policyholders .. Only 7 days for policy renewal!

LIC Attention | Alert to policyholders. Only 7 days for policy renewal

LIC Attention | Attention to LIC policyholders. Even if the policy lapses (even if they are broken) taken by you at LIC, they can be renewed. That is why LIC has given you another chance. LIC has been conducting a special campaign since the seventh of last month to renew cheap policies. LIC’s special campaign ends on the 25th of this month.

This renewal facility is made available to provide benefits to those who are unable to pay the premium in unavoidable circumstances. This is the second time in the current financial year that policyholders have been given the opportunity to revive policies that have lapsed to continue risk coverage during the current crisis.

This option is subject to certain conditions within the identities from the date of termination of premium payments. Some of the eligible plans in this special renewal campaign have made it possible for policies to pay premiums with late fees. However, these exemptions do not apply to Term Assurance and Multiple Risk policies.

LIC has decided to continue the flexibility to provide insurance to policyholders. Policyholders are of the opinion that if they die under the current corona mahogany conditions, they need to provide protection to their families. Policyholders may renew their policies to continue life coverage to provide financial security to families.

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