James Movie Download Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Hindi 480p, 720p

James Movie Download

James Full Movie Download Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Hindi 480p, 720p

Hero: Puneet Rajkumar
Producer: Kishore Pathikonda
Music: Charan Raj
Cinematography: Swami J. Gowda
Written and directed by: Chetan Kumar
Release Date: 17-3-2022

James Movie Download: The release of Puneet Rajkumar’s last film ‘James’, which was received by the Kannada Power Star on his birthday, has given a lot of excitement to the fans. Chetan Kumar, the director, has screened ‘James’ with mass spices to suit Puneet’s image. As a Pan India movie, the film has been translated into Southern languages ​​as well as Hindi. Puneet Rajkumar, who stood as ‘James’ in front of the crowd on Thursday, is being hailed by the fans.

The last movie starring Kannada power star Puneet Rajkumar was “James”. As it is a movie that will be released after his death. The film, dubbed by Puneet Rajkumar’s brother Shivraj Kumar, was released today (March 17). Let’s see if Puneet’s last film was able to entertain his fans .. !!

The story is .. Puneet runs the security agency as Santosh Kumar. The person leading the drug mafia dies and is hired to protect their family. As part of his job, he skillfully saves the family and the girl from the house many times. The girl expresses her desire and reveals that he came to the house to kill them. What is the real need for him to take revenge on them? Who is Santosh? Did he cool his vengeance? That’s the movie.

Hero Puneeth Rajkumar Movie James (2022)

With the untimely death of Puneet, the expectations on ‘James’ increased many times and Puneet remained stylish and impressive on the big screen. Attempted to entertain with emotion in the second half with action in the first half. Puneet played the right role in the film for his image of Kannada Nata. Puneet brothers Shivaraj Kumar and Raghavendra Rajkumar played guest roles in Rachita Ram, Ashika Ranganath, and Srilila Meravaga in the opening introduction song. Priya Anand as the heroine and Srikanth, Mukesh Rushi, and Adityameenan as the villains did justice to their respective roles. Charan Raj Background Music, Swami.J. Gowda Photography is one of the main attractions of the film. No longer is it an exaggeration to say that production values ​​raise the level of cinema. Director Chetan Kumar failed to take advantage of the opportunity. Puneet’s last film, ‘James’, is the only action movie to be recognized. Anyway, once again Puneet reminds everyone with ‘James’.

Story: Santosh (Puneet Rajkumar) James is the head of the security agency. It is his nature to resist whatever may come his way. Santosh is hired as a security guard as the Gaikwad family has a murder threat. Gaikwad heiress Nisha (Priya Anand) falls in love with Santosh.

If cut .. Santosh alias James came to know that the Gaikwad was not there to save the family, but to put an end to them. Who is the real Santosh alias James? Why does Gaikwad want to kill the family? The answer to such questions is the movie “James”.

Cast: Puneet Rajkumar is the last film. It feels more like seeing him on screen for the last time than seeing him as an actor in the film. Puneet did 100% justice to his role as an actor. Holds on to a character with two different shades.

Although Priya Anand’s role as the heroine is not big, she entertains with her screen presence. Srikanth, Aditya Menon, and Sarath Kumar were impressed with their villains.

Technician Performance: Director Chetan Kumar wrote this story by mixing four Telugu and Tamil films. The first half “Ramayya Vasthavayya”, when it comes to the second half, “Sarileru Nikevvaru” will appear in some places. There are also references to many Telugu and Tamil movies in the action scenes. Therefore, the Telugu audience watching the movie will not feel the originality anywhere.

Although he did not seem to mind as a director, he failed as a narrator. Shivraj Kumar’s guest role in the film is another asset to the film. He also entertained the audience by making popular Kannada music directors and heroines appear on screen for the opening song. The music and camera work. It would have been nice if the action blocks had worked out just as well. The production design is rich.

Analysis: Although there are a lot of minuses in terms of story in the film .. Puneet Rajkumar being the last film, there are plenty of commercial elements that his fans want to do without having to ignore the minuses.

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