Cooking gas cylinder price increase .. How much in Telangana

 It is a known fact that the prices of oils and pulses, which are already used in Wanting, have skyrocketed. In addition, the price of a cooking gas cylinder has gone up. 14 kg cooking gas cylinder costs Rs. The oil companies decided to raise 50. Oil companies have said that rising gas cylinder prices will take effect today. The total gas cylinder prices are Rs. Increased to over a thousand.

In Telangana, Rs. 1,002

Housewives are expressing extreme dissatisfaction with the increased gas cylinder prices. They say they are already struggling with rising oil prices, and that rising cooking gas cylinder prices are choking in the midst of these conditions. In Telangana, the price of a cooking gas cylinder is Rs. 1,002 while in Andhra Pradesh it was Rs. Reached 1,008.

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