Be vigilant – RBI

Sacrifice the innocent with the gimmicks of deceivers

RBI to be vigilant

New Delhi, March 21: What’s wrong with you is that the money in your bank account has disappeared. Illegals are finding new ways every day to deceive the innocent. That is why the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) is warning its customers to be careful. If you fall into the trap of fraudsters will lose millions of rupees in moments. So it is suggested not to give valuable information to those who know and those who do not know. What’s more ..

Online sales platforms

Online sales platforms are prone to scams by luring sellers. Like your product and want to put ‘Request Money’ through UPI app to pay. All you have to do is enter the UPI PIN and the cash in your account will be transferred to the fraudster’s account by the malware.

Searching the Internet

Your search on the internet for customer care numbers of banks, insurance companies, Aadhaar Update Centers can also lead to financial losses. Calling the wrong numbers is like falling into the trap of fraudsters. Representatives of these companies will ask for your card details and other valuable information. That is to say, lost.

QR code scan

Fraudsters often contact customers to scan QR codes. If you believe and scan, your phone data will fall into the hands of fraudsters. This will make it easier for you to steal cash from your account.

Juice‌ Jacking‌

The mobile charging port can also lead to scams. Malware is being passed on to innocent mobile phones using public charging ports. With this, things like passwords are going into the guppies of fraudsters. So as far as possible do not charge your phones or laptops anywhere except at home. Reduce the use of public Wi-Fi.

Screen Sharing App

Fraudsters are sending messages to customers asking them to download a screen sharing app. The app is under the control of fraudsters. This allows the details you provide while downloading the app to go directly to cybercriminals. This allows them to steal money using internet banking and payments apps.

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