Tata vehicle prices to go up .. only on these vehicles

 Tata Motors | Tata Motors has announced that it will increase the prices of its commercial vehicles. The regulator said in a filing on Tuesday that it would increase the range of such vehicles by 2-2.5 percent from April 1. The prices of these vehicles will increase depending on the different models and variant vehicles. According to Tata Motors, prices of steel, aluminum and other precious metals used in the manufacture of vehicles have risen sharply. Revealed that this has become in addition to the increased costs on raw material.

Tata Motors said it was working to mitigate the impact of increased prices by adopting cost-saving measures. The increase in vehicle prices to some extent has revealed that the burden is not being shifted to consumers.

Last week, Mercedes-Benz announced that prices on all models of cars and vehicles would increase by as much as three percent as the input cost increased. He said the decision was taken due to rising input costs.

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