Ola in Crisis | Ola Electric in crisis .. Top executives stop ..?

 Ola in Crisis | Petro burden reduction .. Electric two-wheelers with the aim of controlling carbon emissions .. Ola Electric, a new startup company, especially for the production of scooters. The first electric scooter, the S1, S1 Pro, was made available to the public on August 15 last year. But .. the company has not been able to retain talented professionals for a year. The woes of senior-level executives continue unabated. In the last six months alone, five top executives have said goodbye to Ola Electric.

Although initially attracting talent ..

Needless to say .. Ola Electric as EV Two Wheelers startup was at the forefront of attracting talent from the mobility sector. But professionals at the same level are queuing up to join other companies. Pankaj Sharma, Head of Ola Electric Mobility Sales and Distribution, topped the list. Interestingly, Ola joined Electric from Royal Enfield in June last year. Pankaj Sharma had a long association with Maruti Suzuki between 2004-12. Earlier, Shaji Titus, senior director, of Manufacturing, left the company within 17 months of joining the company.

Like this into Ether

Gurinder Singh Sukhija, Head, Senior Director, Customer Partner Support Operations, resigned last October. Joins another Electric Two Wheeler startup as head of Aether Energy Honorship Management. Murali Shashidharin, Ola Communications Strategy and Mobility EVE Business Head, resigned last November. Ola took over as head of rival firm Ether Energy Communications and Government Affairs.

Joseph Goodbye within a year

Joseph Thomas, Head of Quality Assurance, went out last November. Less than a year after joining the company, Joseph moved to Thomas Bay. Ola Electric Manufacturing Vice President Vishwanath Ramesh was also heard saying goodbye to the company. But Ola Electric’s spokeswoman declined to comment.

Conflicts in Ola Co = Founders?

Ankit Jain, Akint Bhati and Anand Shah, co-founders of Ola Electric Startup, have left the company in the past. Although Ola Electric became Chief Business Officer in December 2019, she was fired in just ten months. He had previously been associated with Hero MotoCorp along with Aiden. As soon as Ola said goodbye to Electric, Hero MotoCorp took over as Head of Global Business.

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