Gold ATM 2022 How does a Gold‌ ATM work full Details

Gold ATM | How does a Gold‌ ATM work

Gold ATM | If you put a rupee coin, colorful chocolates will come crashing down and fall in the palm of your hand. Put the debit card and the glittering gold coins will come in your hand as soon as you press it! Gold ATMs are being set up for those who want to buy gold without having to go to a jewelry shop.

Now buying gold works in moments. Going home from the office. Just like a bank draws money at an ATM, you can buy gold at a Gold ATM. Gold ATMs, which till now have been limited to international cities like London and Dubai, will soon be set up in Hyderabad as well. Here you can buy gold with a debit card and credit card. These ATMs are being set up by Gold Sikka Limited, a company owned by the Ajtar Group. The company also brings prepaid and postpaid smart cards. Gold comes out of the ATM in the form of coins, if you want to buy more than half a pound to ten pounds, but in the form of biscuits. There is also a certificate of purity. Prices also change depending on the movements of the global market. We have to pay the price at that moment. Purchases can be made at these ATMs from 9:50 am to 11:30 pm.

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