Exports to record level, exports exceeding $ 400 billion

 Domestic exports are skyrocketing. In the current financial year, goods worth $ 400 billion were exported. This is the first time in history that exports have reached this level in a single year. This was recently revealed by the Union Ministry of Commerce. He said that this was possible due to the promising performance of the petroleum products, engineering, gems and jewelery and chemicals sectors. Domestic exports rose 37 percent year-on-year to $ 400.8 billion as of the 21st of this month. Products worth an average of $ 1 billion per day or $ 33 billion per month were exported. It was $ 292 billion at the same time last year. Exports, which hit an all-time high of $ 330.07 billion in 2018-19, were wiped out. During the same period, India imported $ 589 billion worth of products. This brings the trade deficit to $ 189 billion. Despite the ongoing war between Corona and Russia-Ukraine, exports are expected to reach another milestone, a senior government official said.

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