Employees will resign if that facility is removed!

 Under the influence of the Corona epidemic, employees who had been working from home for two weeks were gradually forced to return to work. Many salaried employees who are accustomed to working from home (WFH) are willing to quit their job if they do not have this facility. As the Kovid-19 cases dwindled, government and private offices across the country announced that the WFH was on the verge of collapse. However, CIEL HR Services Survey, a staffing and recruitment agency, said that a large number of employees said they were ready to quit their jobs if the system was scrapped.

Six out of every ten people surveyed said they would resign from their current job if the WFH quit. According to the survey, employees in the IT, outsourcing and tech startups sectors have made it clear that they are willing to pay a hefty salary if asked to come to the office. The survey revealed that employees are accustomed to working from home as they better manage their work life balance without having any impact on their work efficiency.

CIEL HR chief Aditya Mishra said the WFH should be considered as part of a strategy to return to offices. They said their survey surveyed 2,000 people from 620 companies. Of these, 40 per cent work entirely from home and 26 per cent work in hybrid mode. The rest of the employees are working from the offices. It is learned that Infosys founder Narayana Murthy has recently stated that he is not in favor of Work from Home.

He clarified that the facility available in the office at WFH was not suitable for this system in India. Many companies are allowing employees to work in hybrid mode, such as ICICI Bank, Parle Products, Goldman Sachs, Daburk, and so on.

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