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Dear Megha Movie Download

Dear Megha Movie Download

Dear Megha Movie Download Available HD 720p 1080p Filmyzilla The film begins with Megha Swaroop (Megha Akash) trying to kill herself at a railway track but changing her decision within a previous couple of seconds. A crestfallen Megha then shares that she is in search of peace and hopes to seek out it. the subsequent scene takes us to her college life obviously, we shall know the circumstances that lead her to the railway track.

Dear Megha may be a remake of the Kannada blockbuster Dia, whose Telugu dubbed version was recently streamed on YouTube. those that have seen Dia won’t be too proud of Dear Megha. the primary half of the film retains the soul of the first but there’s a striking contrast thereafter. Though the dialogues are similar, there’s a difference in conveying the meaning.

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Movie Review / Story

Unlike Dia’s Khushi who is an introvert and barely smiles, Megha is cheerful and features a sunny disposition. Cinematographer Andrews splashes Dear Megha in pinks and bright colours; the wall colours of the 2 homes of the lead pair makes it clear that the director wanted to usher in some change within the narration.

Megha Swaroop is interested in Arjun (Arjun Somayajula) in college she is sweet looking, nice and great at dot drawing. She wants to initiate a conversation with him but holds herself back whenever. She wants a legitimate reason to strike a conversation and by the time she is prepared for it, she learns that he left the school. that’s just the primary surprise because the film says, life is filled with surprises.

Back home a touch later, she finds Arjun stepping into the elevator she is in. He has moved into the flat opposite hers. Needless to mention, they fall crazy. However, before they will discuss their next step, there comes a shock. Unable to face things, Megha is depressed and heads to the railway track. More twists and turns follow. Arun Adith fits the gregarious role and Pavitra Lokesh reprises her role as his mother. Director Sushant Reddy hurries initially and slows down later.

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Dear Megha Movie Download Leaked Online By Filmyzilla

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Dear Megha Movie Detail

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Movie: Dear Megha (2021)
Director: Sushanth Reddy
Star cast: Megha Akash, Adith Arun, and Arjun Somayajula
Producer: Arjun Dasyan
Language: Telugu
Date of publication: September 03, 2021
Category: Drama
Duration: 2:01
Official Sites Netflix, Zee5
Quality: 720p, 1080p (estimated)

Through engaging, the narration seems inconsistent. The songs are good. What stands out is Arun Adith’s performance Megha Akash disappoints initially but is ok post interval. She comes up with the proper expressions. The film would have done better with impactful performances. Also, the there’s Megha-Arjun track has little to root for within the half so we don’t empathise with them.

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Megha(Megha Akash) may be a college-going girl who loves Arjun(Arjun Somyajulu). But Arjun doesn’t attend to her and leaves the school. Three years later, he meets Megha again, and love blossoms. But during a tragic turnaround of events, the couple departs. Megha moves on together with her life and meets Adi(Adith Arun). Just when things are becoming back to normal, Arjun come. what is going to Megha do? Whom will she pick? Does that form the story?

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The climax of the film may be a big highlight and has been designed well by director Sushanth Reddy. Megha Akash, who plays the feminine lead does quite well. She had a robust role and did so well altogether the emotional scenes. Adith Arun is one of the highlights of the film together with his natural acting. He comes at a key point and lifts the film. He was excellent altogether with the emotional scenes. Arjun Somayajulu was almost okay in his role. Pavitra Lokesh who played the role of a mother was also good in her role. Some college-based scenes look good and are designed well.

Arjun and Megha’s love track doesn’t have a robust conflict point. The scenes between Megha and Adith are decent but they’re dragged for no reason. One of the most important drawbacks of the film is the slow pace. This haunts the film in a big way. Though scenes wise things look good, the lag in narration gets dull.

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[Download] Dear Megha Movie Download HD Online 480p, 720p 1080p – Filmyzilla
Dear Megha Movie Download

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