[Download] Atumgiri Marathi Movie Download Available To Watch Online 1080p

Atumgiri Marathi Movie Download

Atumgiri Marathi Movie Download Available To Watch Online 1080p Filmyzilla We have witnessed what is often called an influx of teenage love stories Itemgiri in Marathi cinema lately. One could consider Itemgiri as another addition to the list.

Superficially, Itemgiri might be considered a romance of a boy and a woman, but it’s far more than that. It can’t be called a coming aged story either, although the lead tries to know what has been an issue left unanswered for ages what do women want. Neither is Itemgiri a pure comedy where we get to ascertain Mithu (Hansraj Jagtap) and his friends Asif (Suraj Take) and Samar (Shashi Thosar) undergo teenaged antics to urge a woman, as advised by their friend, philosopher, and guide Uttam Tonge (Milind Shinde).

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Movie Review / Story

Mithu may be a sweet guy with only one aim, to precise his feeling for Kasturi, a woman he has Atumgiri Marathi Movie Download been trying to woo since childhood. He’s already wary of women and their ways, after a failed mission to let a lover find the love of his life.

Atumgiri Marathi Movie Download

Mithu’s life goes as planned, then falls apart, so his childhood best friends Asif and Samar take him to Uttam Tonge, a person who features a bad reputation within the village.

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Atumgiri Marathi Movie Download Leaked Online By Filmyzilla

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Atumgiri Marathi Movie

supported Uttam’s love guru advises, Asif and Samar enjoy their lives, but Mithu finishes up swearing against women generally. But that’s when Atumgiri Marathi Movie Download Shruti (Rajeshwari Kharat) enters his life. What happens next isn’t what you’ll guess.

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Movie Songs

From the very first frame, the film catches your attention and keeps it till the top credits roll. And there’s never a dull moment, making you forget that you simply are watching a movie. Item girl was made with the intention of entertainment, and it delivers thereon front, with an entremets of social message.

We’d wish to thank Pradeep Tonge and Mangesh Shedage for casting Milind Shinde because of the mast-Maula Uttam Tonge. The actor shows us that he can do far more than simply play a scheming, conniving villain.

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Hansraj Jagtap, whom we last saw in Dhag that he won the blue ribbon jury mention at national awards, portrays the sweet, brooding Mithu effortlessly. Atumgiri Marathi Movie Download Rajeshwari Kharat’s Shruti looks like the older version of Shalu, the character she portrayed in Fandry. Suraj and Shashi share excellent chemistry with Hansraj and together with the trio look and act a part of childhood friends.

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