Core AI expansion in Hyderabad

 Core AI expansion in Hyderabad

Investments of Rs 185 crore

Employees double in a year

Hyderabad City Bureau, March 21 (Namaste Telangana): Artificial Intelligence Software Platform, Solutions Company Core.AI has expanded its presence in Hyderabad. Set up their new office in the city on Monday. With a capacity of 500 staff, the office is housed in the Aurobindo Galaxy Tower with state-of-the-art infrastructure. It will be the company’s global research hub, said Raj Koneru, the company’s founding CEO. Convergence‌ will work for the advancement of AI technology.

Another 550 jobs

The company, which will invest Rs 185 crore in the development of the center in the next financial year, plans to increase its workforce to 1,100. The company currently has 450 employees in the country, most of whom are based in Hyderabad. There are another 100 in Japan, South Korea, North and South America. The company will hire another 550 people in this order. Of these, 250 will be recruited domestically.

Convergence‌ is a big platform for AI

Convergence‌ AI is bursting at the seams with the new generation of technologies. Raj Koneru said that companies that are strategically advancing their business development, especially in the aftermath of the Corona, are putting a lot of emphasis on this Conversational AI. Speaking after the launch of the new center, Raj Koneru said services like Smart Assist, Agent Assist, Bank Assist, Health Assist, Search Assist, Work Assist, HR and IT Assist would be tailored to the needs of the respective companies. In November, Core AI received about $ 73.5 million in investments in the Series C round from Nvidia, PNC and Vistara Growth.

Control-S Data Center at Gatchibauli

Another new data center will be available in Hyderabad. The city-based Control-S company is well known for its management of data centers across the country. It was in this context that Bhumi Puja on Monday inaugurated the construction of their third data center in Gatchibauli. This new data center is being built as a hyper scale data center. It covers an area of ​​approximately 1,31,000 square feet and is powered by 18 MW of electricity. In total there are 1,600 racks here. Speaking on the occasion, Control-S company founder and CEO Sridhar Pinnapureddy said, “The data center being set up in Hyderabad is the third, it will be a four-rated hyper-scale data. The new data center will create new employment opportunities and provide services to multinational companies and domestic businesses around the world. “We are building a new data center in an environmentally friendly manner and adopting modern methods of conserving rainwater as well as water,” he said. He said arrangements were being made at the data center to reduce the use of paper and plastic in very small quantities.

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