Conspiracy to hate with Kashmir files promotion

 CPM politburo member Brindakarat alleged that the RSS and BJP were conspiring to incite hatred among the people by promoting the film Kashmir Files to mislead the people of the country. He said it was wrong to show in the film Kashmir Files that only Pandits were tortured and that people from all walks of life in Kashmir were not victims.

He said that there was no doubt that the Pandits had been subjected to severe repression and that the rest should not ignore the fact that they too had succumbed to the atrocities of the terrorists. On Tuesday, Telangana armed struggle warriors and former MLA Mallu laid flowers and paid tributes to Swarajyam at the CPM office in Nallagonda. Family members consulted and said courage. Afterwards, Brindakarat told the media that Mallu Swarajyam is not only in Telangana but also as an inspiration for women’s movements across the country.

Kashmir Files has been criticized for trying to mislead the people by not fully revealing the facts in the film. In Kashmir, the family of their party MLA Yusuf Tarigami also recalled that they had been attacked by terrorists and that Tarigami had lost two family members. Many Muslim leaders were also killed by the militants. She questioned how reasonable it was to disguise all this and propagate that only one category was harmed. He said the BJP and the RSS were cruel in promoting the Kashmir files for selfish politics. He pointed out that violence against Kashmiris, the Gujarat genocide and the Sikh massacre need to be looked at separately.

It is not correct to show the problem of pundits in that film

People from all walks of life were tortured there

CPM politburo member Brinda Karat

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