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Loan in 59 Minutes | Are you looking for a business loan, personal loan, home loan, auto loan? Get any loan in 59 minutes. Learn how to apply.

Once upon a time there was a big process to take a loan. There was a process like submitting the loan application, verifying the bank staff documents and then personally verifying the loan after completing all these. But now everything is happening digitally. Loans are approved in a single day. Not in a single day … Banks are giving loans in just one hour. To this end, public sector banks have jointly developed a platform called PSB Loan in 59 Minutes. Initially only business loans were available through this platform. But now many services like MSME Loan, Stamp Loan, Personal Loan, Home Loan, Auto Loan are available through this platform.

PSB Loans in 59 Minutes Platform launched on September 29, 2018. As on February 28 this year, 2,01,863 loans were sanctioned in the business loan category through this platform. Banks have lent Rs 39,580 crore. 17,791 loans were sanctioned in the retail loan category. Public sector banks have sanctioned Rs 1,689 crore. Union Finance Minister Bhagwat Kishan Rao Karad told the Rajya Sabha in writing. Only Principal Approval can be granted through this portal.

You can also apply for MSME Loan, Stamp Loan, Personal Loan, Home Loan, Auto Loan on PSB Loans in 59 Minutes platform. For business, however, GSTIN, GST username and income tax returns must be prepared. To take any loan, you need to fill up the application form and upload two passport size photos, bank statement and other loan details. Learn How To Apply For A Loan On PSB Loans In 59 Minutes Platform.

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