Airbus Chopper | Who is the first Indian to own a Luxury Helicopter?

 Airbus Chopper | Everyone wants to fly at least once. If possible, a bully wants to own a plane or a helicopter. That desire does not go away. Billionaire Bee Ravi Pillai, the billionaire who made so much money, first owned the most luxurious helicopter. The helicopter, valued at about Rs 100 crore, was delivered by Airbus on Sunday in Kovalam, Kerala. Ravi Pillai, Chairman, RP Group of Companies. His personal net worth is currently $ 2.5 billion. Ravi Pillai employs 70,000 people in various companies across the United Arab Emirates (UAE). There are 1,500 H145 aircraft operating worldwide.

Ravi Pillai became the first Indian to own such a luxurious helicopter Airbus H145 in India. The helicopter, which is capable of carrying two pilots and seven passengers, made its maiden voyage from Kovalam to Ravij Ashtamudi. It has a landing capacity of 20,000 feet above sea level. It has a takeoff capacity. This H145 helicopter works with a state-of-the-art wireless communication system.

Ravi Pillai will be serving with his own new Airbus helicopter for tourism development in Kerala. He owns luxury hotels all over Kerala. This helicopter helps in transporting guests to various tourist destinations in the state. Ravi Pillai said last month that he wanted to support the development of the tourism sector in Kerala. He said it would be good if permission was given to start helicopter services in Kerala within two months of application, as in China. The Government of Kerala has focused on the development of four segments. Focuses on Knowledge-Based Business, Healthcare, Tourism, Rubber Based Industries

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