[300mb] Soyrik Marathi Movie Download HD Available To Watch Online 720p 1080p

Soyrik Marathi Movie Download

Soyrik Marathi Movie Download

Soyrik Marathi Movie Download HD Available To Watch Online 720p 1080p Matching ‘Soyrik’ is an important event in everyone’s life. Where and when And how to match? These are stories of luck and coincidence. Vijay Shinde, Shashank Shende and Makrand Mane have also done well in his ‘Soyrik’. After producing the Marathi film ‘Porang Majte’, the three have reunited from the film ‘Soyrik’.

Produced by Vijay Shinde, Shashank Shende, Makrand Mane, Soyrik Stars Shashank Shende, Kishore Kadam, Chhaya Kadam, Umesh Jagtap, Rajshri Nikam, Shantanu Gangane, Virat Madke, Priyadarshini Indalkar, Vinam Bhabal, Nita Shende, Yogesh Nikam, Sanjeev Kumar Patil, Aparna Kshemkalyani etc. On the occasion of ‘Soyrik’, the audience will get a chance to see many veteran artists together. Great code, quality acting and a different directing style make for a great furnace.

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Movie Review / Story

Today’s youth think many times about marriage and coexistence practically. But how much importance is given to individual freedom in this pragmatism, is there a maturity to respect each other’s expectations, individual freedom? We have to see that too’, says director Makrand Mane.

Soyrik Marathi Movie Download Hd

Written and directed by Makrand Mane, ‘Nineteen Nine Productions’ and ‘Polymorphic Productions’, ‘Soyrik’ will be released soon. The film is produced by Vijay Shinde, Shashank Shende and Makrand Mane. Moments from this interesting family hair movie were filmed in Akluj. In this movie, you will get to see some famous actors.

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Soyrik Movie Detail

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Movie Name: Soyrik (2022)
Movie Director: Makarand Mane
Lead Star cast: Nitish Chavan, Manasi Bhawalkar
Movie Producers: Vijay Shinde, Makarand Mane and Shashank Shende
Movie IMDB Rating: 8.8/10
Movie Budget: 1.2 Crore INR (Approx)
Streaming partner: Youtube
Production company: Bahurupi Productions, Nineteen Productions, Ninety Nine Production
Movie Certificate: UA
Movie Language: Marathi
Movie Release Date: February 11, 2022
Movie Genre: Drama, Romantic
Official Sites Youtube, Zee5
Movie Duration: 1:49
Movie Size: 331MB, 938MB & 1.2GB
Movie Format: MP4, MOV, AVI, MKV
Movie Quality: 720p, 1080p, 1440p (estimated)

The harder it is to say ‘relationship’, the harder it is to maintain it. Then the battle of selfishness and selflessness begins. It has a light brown line. How do you stand on it? Your ‘Sun’ depends on it and that is what we are trying to say, says director Makrand Mane.

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Soyrik Movie Download

In this difficult time, everyone is becoming aware of their relationship and belongingness. Director Makrand Mane, who has taken a look at social issues through his films to date, is going to take the audience on a fascinating journey of relationships through the film ‘Soyrik’. Producers Vijay Shinde, Makrand Mane and Shashank Shende are all excited about this film and they are sure that the audience will love our attempt to do something different.

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Soyrik Marathi Movie Download Leaked Online Telegram

The trailer of the movie ‘Soyrik’ directed by Makrand Mane has been released. The upcoming Marathi film ‘Soyrik’ starring Nitish Chavan and Mansi Bhawalkar this movie was released on February 11, 2022.

‘Soyrik’ is an important event in everyone’s life and when? Where? And how to match? These are stories of luck and coincidence. The family is still the foundation of Indian culture and marriage is the backbone of the family. There is a generation today that thinks that there should be no obligation to break the traditional structure of marriage, to give preference to one’s own choice, to get married, to decide, to do and to ‘fulfil’.

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Watch Trailer Here

The new generation is clearly saying that ‘marriage is our matter’. ‘Soyrik’ directed by Makrand Mane is coming to the audience on February 11, 2022. The trailer of this movie has been released recently and it has become popular among the viewers in a short period.

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Soyrik Marathi Movie Download

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